250g Decaf coffee by mommycoffee

250g Decaf coffee by mommycoffee

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Chemical free decaf, the conscious choice for pregnant & breastfeeding moms.

Relax mommy, take a breath, we understand that doing what's best for your body & your baby is a full-time job.

We have crafted our chemical-free, decaf (99.9% caffeine free) especially for you, to make room for a little more self-love without the guilt.

We use a natural carbon dioxide method for decaffeination, ensuring there are no chemical traces, only natural goodness for pregnant & breastfeeding moms.

Our 100% Arabica beans from Colombia are hand roasted in small batches in our artisanal roastery to deliver the luxurious comfort that every cup should.


for the non mommies:

Artisinal, small-batch roasted decaffeinated coffee (99.9% caffeine free). Specifically sourced 100% arabica Colombian coffee beans that have been decaffeinated using a natural, carbon dioxide (CO2) method. Packaged in 250g, valved bags, suitable for extended storage (we do not recommend longer than 3 months for the sake of freshness).