Jura X8 + Smart Connect

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Jura X8 Review

The X8 is incredibly versatile: it can prepare the full range of speciality coffees finished with milk and milk foam as well as black coffees and the classic pot of coffee. For tea lovers, it also prepares hot water at different temperature levels. With its solid, height-adjustable dual spout, it can create a speciality coffee – or even two beverages simultaneously – and dispense them into the cups or glasses, at the touch of a button. The handy cup positioning aid makes it ideal for self-service. The same goes for the large, clearly arranged preparation buttons. Different speciality coffees can be positioned wherever you like on the display, according to your needs. Whether equipped with the standard large water tank or a sturdy fresh water kit, the X8 offers excellent performance whether in mobile use or in a fixed location.

Jura Smart Connect

Controlling your automatic coffee machine via your smartphone or tablet is now easier than ever before thanks to JURA Smart Connect, which also enables communication with smart accessories and offers brand new programming options. The new "JURA Smart Connect" uses Bluetooth® communication, based on a transmitter that is simply plugged into the coffee machine. With the app you can then wirelessly operate and program the machine and link up to various accessories.

The JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E.®) brings state-of-the-art coffee machine operation to your smartphone. J.O.E.® is the most intuitive, convenient and modern way to make optimum use of all the advantages offered by JURA automatic speciality coffee machines*. With the JURA Operating Experience you can control your JURA coffee machine* from your smartphone, with all the convenience of touchscreen operation.

* J.O.E.® is compatible with all JURA coffee machines equipped with Smart Connect. 

Coffee Specialities:

1 Ristretto
2 Ristretti
1 Espresso
2 Espressi
1 Coffee
2 Coffees
1 Cappuccino
2 Cappuccini
1 Caffe latte
2 Caffe latte
1 Latte Macchiato
2 Latte Macchiati
1 Flat White
2 Flat Whites
1 Portion of milk
2 Portions of milk
Pot of coffee
Hot water
Hot water for green tea
1 Special coffee
2 Special coffees