About us





We offer freshly roasted 100% Arabica beans ranging from various single-origins, blends, 100% organic and decaffeinated coffee. These coffees are available in either bean form, fine grind or coarse grind.



Mouton Noir Coffee was founded by Jean in 2017 and pays homage to his passion for coffee and devotion to artisanal excellence. Having been mentored by likeminded, dedicated Master Roasters, it was ultimately his commitment to a unique, distinctive taste that lead Jean to develop and hone the skill which today defines Mouton Noir Coffee



Mouton Noir Coffee is uniquely positioned to offer tailored, client-orientated coffee solutions. From small households to large corporates, we are poised to deliver extraordinary coffee according to each client’s taste. 

Our Master Roaster is specially qualified to source, blend and roast unique origins to each client’s preference and is the proud designer of many clients’ signature blends.